The Coaching Cafe brings together people......
The people you need at this moment in your Life.

The search for Joy, Peace and Love in your Life, and the search
for purpose is all about "people".

"We are all Connected!"

YOU were born with pure potential
All your Beliefs were learned from the people around you
YOU have learned all your Fears, Anxieties, and all your Stress

The Coaching Cafe can......

Help you experience the connection that exists between all people
Help connect you with yourself and your source
Bring Focus and Clarity to your Life
Help you find Purpose in your Life
Help you find and share your Gift to Humanity
Open your mind to new Possibilities
Help you learn to let go and to STOP more often
Help you find Joy and Inner Peace in everything
Help you discover and speak your TRUTH
Help you to allow others to speak their Truth
Show you how to Heal yourself and Heal others
Find the Energy missing in your Life
Find a new relationship with Time
Help you to find Abundance and Prosperity everywhere
Help you discover Total Wellness
Help you learn to move from judgment to curiosity
Show you how to question your Beliefs and Disbeliefs
Remove resistance and bring Balance to your Life
Bring Advancement to your Life, where and how you want it

We have provided the setting......
A venue for the universe to bring together just the right people
for YOU at this moment in YOUR Life.

The rest is up to you!


Your Personal Invitation

We'll provide the forum, a warm nurturing environment,
the venue and the coaches/guides/mentors......
you provide the energy


Each Cafe group has its own Energy
It determines it's own direction, topics and pace.

The change we seek, the change we crave individually and for our planet,
will come from within each one of us,
and will be brought forth through other people.

Come and visit The Coaching Cafe

Your first visit is complementary!


In the Circle